Buying a New Home

Lillian Howarth Remax Real Estate is licensed and is ready to help you with your homes in Edmonton. I expertise on serving the requirements of the buyers and sellers we represent in this quick-paced and often complicated real estate market. Whether you are making your first purchase or selling your home of several years, I am ready to take complete responsibility for every aspect of the sales procedure as a reputable real estate agent.

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Home Renovation Tips

A home renovation can be very time-consuming, complex, and costly. Most home refits need a coordinated effort from half a dozen of contractors, in a multi-stage assignment that keeps your home out of action for three to eight weeks.If you need more space,use my step-by-step guide to assist you to plan a stress-free, cost-effective home renovation with a satisfying outcome.


Buying a New Home

Are you ready to fall in love with your desired home? Lillian Howarth Remax Real Estate boasts a range of properties across Edmonton and surrounding area. From vacant land to residential houses of all sizes and shapes, my footprint assures I can offer you the very best of whatever you are seeking for. Begin your property search with me today.

Selling a New Home

Is it time for a change? Selling your residence is a huge decision that needs planning and thought. Fortunately, the combined knowledge and experience of the Lillian Howarth Remax Real Estate means I have what it takes to make this procedure as seamless and simple as possible. Get started now by requesting a property evaluation.

Condo Buyers Guide

The purchasers should be completely aware of the several issues and considerations surrounding the purchase of, and the lifestyle in, a condominium. Condominium ownership is very distinct from owning a residence under traditional fee simple term. This section of the instruction from Lillian Howarth Remax Real Estate will assist you better acknowledge this unique way of ownership and prepare you for successful condominium living.


Tips for Selling Homes

Selling a home in Edmonton and surrounding area can at times seem unnecessarily complex and confusing. My short guide is inclined to assist sellers to develop a level of understanding and confidence before listing their homes for sale in Edmonton and surround area.

First Time Home Buyers Guide

If you are buying a home in Edmonton and surrounding area for the first time it can be confusing and very complicated. My short guide regarding buyers is intended to assist them in establishing a level of understanding and confidence before starting their search for a home.

Selling Real Estate

If you are considering about selling, there is no better time to call Lillian Howarth Remax Real Estate. I am a professional real estate agent ready to assist you in finding the right buyer if you want to sell your property. I am familiar with the every aspect that Edmonton and the surrounding areas have to offer.

If you are seeking for the best of what the Real Estate Industry has to provide, put your trust in Lillian Howarth Remax Real Estate to conquer all of your real estate needs.